Sending Recalls

Patient Recalls


Dental recalls can be used to remind patients to book their next check-up or as a prompt to bring in patients that haven’t visited in a long time. They are excellent for keeping on top of your patient’s dental health.


Additionally, patient recalls can be a great marketing tool to increase repeat business and keep your surgeries busy! Once the patient books in, use patient reminders to let them know their appointment date and time -reducing fail to attends (FTAs)!

1) Whilst on the diary, click the Recalls button on the left (you may need to expand the extra options column).

2) Once the recall window opens, you can either select the month for which you want to recall patients for or enter a date range manually. You can then recall patients for Dentist, Hygienist or any other specified person. If you wish to narrow the list down to an individual performer you can do so from the drop-down menu.


3) Once you have calculated the recalls. You are presented with numerous options, these include ‘Send SMS Messages’, ‘Send Emails’, ‘Phone List’, and lastly ‘Letter Recalls’. You can now select the method in which you want to contact your patients.


4) In the Recalled column, you will notice an icon of a phone. This button is used if you phone patients to recall them and by selecting this icon it will remove the patient from the recall list.

5) Whilst the messages are being sent a processing dialog will display. You are free to continue using the system in the background whilst the messages are sent.

6) Once the messages are sent you will have a confirmation to let you know they were sent successfully and how many credits (if sending texts) are left.