Appointment Type Setup

Appointment Type Setup

How to set up appointment types for your practice. This refers to appointment type names like Exam, Crown Fit etc, appointment length, colour, who the appointment applies to and if it requires supervision.

1. Select the ‘Settings‘ button in the top left of the screen.

2. Select ‘Appointments Setup’ and click on the ‘Appointments Type Setup’ button.


3. A box will appear on the screen. From this screen, you are able to order the appointments in an order that suits your practice needs. You are also able to sort the list alphabetically or most used us the two buttons at the bottom of the window. To edit an existing appointment type, select the yellow edit icon next to it and to delete press the red X.

4. To create a new appointment type, select the green plus sign in the bottom right. It will open a new window.


5. To create an new appointment type. Enter a description in the ‘Appointment Description‘ field, apply an appointment length, colour as well as who the appointment type applies too.

6. On the right side of the box is the ‘Reserved Item Types’. These item types allow you to specify when you are able to book certain types of appointments. You can see in this example, Crown fit is bookable in the Emergency, Staff meeting and Private Patients Only slots.


7. You can set the appointment to have a supervisor if needed. Select the tick box to turn this on, then select from the dropdown menu the required time that the supervisor needs. Finally, select the section of the appointment in which the supervisor must be present.

Notes: Be aware that by creating an appointment with a supervisor, it will create an appointment with the allocated time with the dentist. It will also create an appointment with the supervisor, using the supervised time required.


8. Once you have created/edited an appointment type, select the save button (the floppy disk) in the bottom right.


Notes: If you make any changes to the colour of an appointment or its description these won’t take effect on any existing appointments. You can run the “Update Appointment Colours” tool which changes all the appointments of that description to the new colour. This means if you’ve changed the name of an appointment you won’t be able to update the existing appointments descriptions or colours

The appointment lengths available are based on the set minimum appointment slot set in the practice settings.