Checking In Patients

Checking In Patients

The check-in screen not only allows you to view which patients have appointments on a specific day, it can also indicate who has arrived, is in treatment, or has left the practice.

Check-in Screen


1) To access the check-in page, we click the ‘check-in’ button located under patient search and view patient record.


2) This page will display each appointment and their current status.


3) From the practice diary page, you can edit each patient’s appointment status by simply right clicking the appointment and selecting either arrived, in-treatment or has left.

This button can move the patient ahead either to arrived, in treatment or left.


This button allows you to move the patient back.


This button can allow you to open that patients record page.

4) Each tick indicates the status of the patient in the practice. If you hover over the appointment, it will give you more details of the appointment, including a timestamp.