Frequently asked Questions

We’ve tried to make every aspect of Pearl logical and straightforward. That includes choosing and buying your Pearl practice management system. You can read through our most commonly asked questions below!

If there is anything else you would like to know, please contact us.

Why is Pearl so inexpensive compared with other leading practice management products?

We have no sales personnel to pay and we do not have the expense of sending people out to give demonstrations. Everything is done using technology; demonstrations can be seen on this website, updates and support are done over the Internet. If you’ve got questions we’ve not answered on our website then just ask and we’ll deliver.

Can you Import data from my existing software?

Yes, over the years the Pearl Dental Software teams have perfected the art of moving data between systems. We have encountered many different version of many different systems including Exact/ Software of Excellence / SOE, R4 / Kodak / Carestream, iSmile, Systems For Dentists, Dentsys, Paragon, Edge, Aerona, Dentally, Arthur, Clockwork, Shire Dental, Denturebase and many more. The team at Pearl are able to transfer data from systems that may have been uniquely developed to your practice. We will take you through each step of the way from an initial discussion up to allowing you to approve the data transfer before you go ahead with your new Pearl Dental Software system.

Can I trial the software before purchasing?

Yes, Pearl can do so much so we like to talk you through the software before leaving you to have a try on your own. We’re happy to set Pearl up on your computer, we’ll then give you a quick demo and leave you to it.

Do I need to pay for a year upfront?

No, most of our clients pay monthly through direct debit (unless they’ve asked for a different payment plan). We want the software and our great customer support to be the reason you stay with Pearl, not worries over the upfront cost and scary contracts. We try to keep our pricing simple and transparent with no hidden fees

Is there a contract between us?

There is no ‘tie in’ contract at all. For as long as you pay the subscriptions you may continue to use Pearl. We will keep you on the latest version and never let you down on support.

What PCs do I need to purchase?

Modern Windows PC will be able to run Pearl Dental Software, the operating system we recommend would be Windows 10 or Windows 11. For more information take a look at our Hardware Requirements.

Do I need any additional software?

Have at least one PC on your network that uses Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook (if you want to produce email merges). Text messaging does not require any extra software but does require the broadband connection.

Will Pearl integrate with my radiography software?

Yes. Once you have your chosen x-ray software installed, give us a call and we will get it working through Pearl. It only takes a few minutes!

How does Pearl compare with more expensive practice management software?

It does everything found in the most expensive dental software package but it is simpler to use. Let’s list a few features; patient records, patient accounts, diary, charting (as taught to dental nurses), pre-made diary recalls, traditional recalls, clinical notes with autotext, simple BPE and enhanced BPE with 6-point pocket depth, soft tissue recording, medical history, merging to text messaging, merging to Microsoft Outlook, merging to Microsoft Word, sticky notes on patient record, family group handling, ad hoc searching and sorting, etc. Check out our new Pearl Dental tutorials to find out what we do and how we do it!

What features are available for English practices with NHS contracts?

We produce a totally accurate practice UDA/UOA counter. Pearl automatically reconciles your scheduled UDAs/UOAs. We keep you informed about every aspect of your FP17 claims.

Do you offer anything else?

Yes – touch-screen check-in, online booking, digital signing, LED waiting room message boards, secure encrypted online backup and more!

Are you on the new NHS pilot scheme?

Yes, a version of Pearl is available for Pilot sites.

What happens if all of my PCs are destroyed or stolen?

So long as you have a backup. Ensure your replacement PC has an internet connection, we’ll get you going again in 15 minutes!

Your new Pearl product is cloud based, what does that mean for me?

We’ve developed the latest Pearl product to fit the needs of dentists, whether they work in a single surgery or at multiple sites. Being cloud based means you can now access your system from anywhere in th world. It’s perfect for finishing your clinical notes at home, or remotely managing multiple practices on the go! Your data is fully encrypted and securely backed-up by us, so tick managing your back-ups off the list. We got this! Please note that the computer you use must have Pearl installed on it to run the program.

Finally, if there is anything else you would like to know, please contact us.