Meet the Team

We’ve built a team in Leicester with a good mix of experience and skills.

Our product is focused on the UK market, and that’s where our development and support services are based,
so we can make sure we provide you with as system that does exactly what you need it to do.

Ben Baker

Managing Director

Ben studied Computer Science gaining a degree from the OU before taking over the family business in 2010. “I’ve always been a proper Maths geek,” he says. “So computing seemed like the best way to go.”

Since then he’s expanded his interests into cultivating chilli peppers and exploring the globe.

His favourite celebrity is Keanu Reaves in The Matrix, and his favourite video by The Singing Dentist is Save Your Tooth, based on an Ed Sheeran song.

Unsurprisingly, Ben’s dentist uses Pearl software.

Linda Baker


Linda is one of the founders of BHA Software and continues as a company director responsible for administration and finance. She has a BSc (hons) degree and PGCE, and worked as a primary school teacher before starting BHA.

Since then she has raised three children, and enjoys keeping fit and playing golf. She also enjoys watching show jumping and 3-day eventing, and her favourite sportsmen are David Broom and Harvey Smith.

Linda has dental check-ups every six months. She is delighted to point out that practice she attends was one of BHA’s first clients and has been using Pearl ever since.

Andy Gallagher

Development lead

Andy studied Creative Media Studies (Computer Games Design), Graphic Design and Photography before joining Baker Heath Associates in 2014.

Before that he worked in the travel industry which gave him the chance to sample many of the UK’s leading hotels. Since joining BHA he’s visited Iceland where he took the Golden Circle tour, hiked up a glacier and experienced the Blue Lagoon.

Andy is a fan of live music and enjoys bands such as Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Rise Against and Stone Sour – so it might be a while before The Singing Dentist covers one of Andy’s favourite tunes.

He visits the dentist every six-months but has not so far persuaded his dentist to switch to Pearl.

Peter Wilson

Software Systems Analyst

Peter has been with Baker Heath Associates since 2000, having previously worked in Estate Agency and Financial Services. He enjoys bird watching and photography, and claims to be good at painting gloss.

Peter’s favourite sports personality is Sir Steve Redgrave, and his favourite video by The Singing Dentist is Return Of The Plaque.

Peter’s dentist does not use Pearl, but every six months Peter goes for a check-up and tries to persuade him to make the change.

Stephen Beardsmore

Software Developer

Stephen joined BHA in 2015 after studying for a BSc in Physics at the University of Birmingham. Like Andy, he’s also worked in the hospitality industry where he says he developed his customer service voice.

Since joining BHA he says he’s learned more about dentistry than he could have possibly imagined, and relaxes by enjoying ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ – a sport that he describes as, “running around outside, which makes a great contrast to an office based job!”

Unsurprisingly given his sporting hobby is Ultimate Frisby, his favourite sportsman is YouTube star Brodie Smith.

Stephen is not a fan of The Singing Dentist, but he thinks Return Of The Plaque has a nice ring to it.

Asked if his dentist uses Pearl he replied, “Alas not- working on it.”

Paul Hollingshead

Lead Developer

Paul studied Electronic / Electrical engineering and Computer Science at Swansea University. After working for couple of well know IT businesses, he joined Baker Heath Associates in 2005.

Paul is a fan of Lithuanian cooking, but also enjoys old sci-fi films and hunting for bargains in 2nd-hand shops. He’s also very good at woodworking and ‘fixing things’.

His favourite video by The Singing Dentist: I Like Your Molars which is based on a song he likes.

As you can imagine, after so long at BHA he’s got a few war stories from support. His top three are;
1. A dental nurse who gave him her home phone number instead of practice number (Paul is happily married).
2. Hearing a dentist drill someone’s teeth while talking to me on a speaker phone.
3. Figuring out how to work a Polish version of Windows.

Troy Hickling

Digital Degree Apprentice

Troy is officially ‘the new boy’ having started with Baker Heath Associates in October 2017. He has a Level 4 Computing HNC and is working towards his degree.

Before joining BHA he helped his parents’ business with IT issues and worked as a waiter. He enjoys playing computer games, eating good food and driving.

Despite regular 6-month check-ups, Troy hasn’t yet persuaded his dentist to switch to Pearl claiming that, “Unfortunately they don’t understand the importance of good software.”

Troy’s favourite video by The Singing Dentist is Filler, a parody of Michael Jackson’s: Thriller.

Charlotte Taylor

Marketing Manager

Charlotte grew-up in Dubai before moving back to England to attend the University of Leicester, where she completed a BSc (hons) degree in Biology.

She enjoys pet sitting, travelling, and “buying weird things on Ebay.” She also claims to be very good at cooking and baking.

Her favourite celebrities are Arcade Fire (band) and Jemaine Clement (comedian), and her favourite video by The Singing Dentist is Sweet Eater.

Charlotte’s funniest support call was solved by sticky-taping a network cable into its socket because a dentist kept kicking it out. Charlotte’s own dentist also uses Pearl.

Jay Pretorius

Customer Success

Jay grew up in UK before moving to South Africa in 2013 where he worked in product procurement as an operations manager. He returned to Leicestershire in the Summer of 2018 and joined Pearl a few months later.

Jay has an excellent background in installing, maintaining and operating personal computers & networks having completed a CompTIA A+ and CompTIA N+ before joining the team. He is part of the customer success team, so chances are if you haven’t already met him on a training day you’ve probably spoken to him over phone about Pearl.

When he’s not helping you lovely lot, Jay can be found yelling himself hoarse in the stands of a Man City FC match or walking his beloved Yorkie-cross Maximus.

Taylor Southorn

Customer Success

Taylor has joined us for a year of industry as part of his studies towards a Computing Degree at Coventry University. With two years of his degree completed, a BTEC Level 3 ICT & Networking diploma and a keen interest in tech, Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the team.

Always up for learning new skills, Taylor has turned his hand to video and graphics development since joining Pearl. If you see any of our monthly themed logos or watch our latest videos, that’s all Taylor!

Taylor spends his holidays raising his BPM on Europe’s biggest rollercoasters and his weekends raising others DJing in clubs around Coventry and Leicester.

Taylor’s favourite video by The Singing Dentist is Teeth Like, a parody of Girls Like by Tinie Tempah.