Pearl Dental Software is flexible, robust and reliable. But computers are complicated systems, and sometimes users of even the best software need a little bit of extra help. This page explains how to contact our brilliant support analysts.

Remote Support

When you call, our analyst may ask you to run our ‘Remote Support Function’. This is a piece of software that creates a secure and private link between your computer and the analyst. It allows the analyst to view your computer screen so that he/she can understand the problem exactly as you see it.

Call Us

Our support desk and all our analysts are based in Leicester, and we're open throughout typical practice opening hours (08:00-17:30, Monday-Friday). All our support analysts also take part in our software development process, so they truly know Pearl Dental Software inside-out.

Email Us

You can also email us via, or use the contact form on our Contact Us page. We will usually respond within an hour of receiving the message, or next morning if you send it ‘out of hours’

Cyber Security

We have completed the DSP Toolkit & Cyber Essentials certification. Please click on the links below to access our entry on the DSP Toolkit website or to download a copy of our Cyber Essentials Certificate for your records.