About us
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The Company

Pearl Dental Software has been used as ‘practice management’ software since 1993.
It has undergone regular updates along the way, from a DOS based system to a Windows based system, and today it is a robust, efficient and effective solution for independent dentists and small-medium practice chains.

Remarkable success

Pearl has had remarkable success in the UK since 2006. We have been continuously installing systems since we started our ‘technology based approach’ to marketing at the end of 2006. About 80% of practices have swapped to Pearl from their existing system.


Pearl Dental is our very latest incarnation of Pearl software. Pearl has had a complete rewrite based on the considerable and welcomed feedback received from practices. That is why we call it ‘Software designed by you!’ – because it really is!


While our software is designed to serve the needs of mixed NHS and private practices in the UK, advances in technology mean we can now also offer Pearl Dental as private practice management software to all English speaking countries outside the UK.

Our Logo

Several people have told us that we need a new logo that encapsulates our business. We say ‘No!’ We need a logo that encapsulates YOUR business. That’s why our logo is based on the charting symbol for a molar. Our systems are designed for dentists and dental professionals, and that’s who we market to and who we work with every day.

Writers and publishers

Pearl Dental Software is developed and marketed by Baker Heath Associates Limited, also known as BHA Software. It is the biggest selling product in the BHA Software portfolio, and arguably the 3rd best selling practice management system in the UK. It is certainly the biggest selling software system designed specifically for the need of the dentistry profession in the UK.

Who are we?

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For more information on BHA Software, please visit our corporate website: www.bhasoftware.com

If you would like further information about Pearl Dental Software, please contact us or
call 0116 275 9995