Planned Appointments

Planned Appointments

How to create and book in a Planned Appointment. These can be created in surgery in preparation for a Patient’s next visit.

Creating the Planned Appointments

1. To add a planned appointment select Planned on the Appointments filter at the top of the screen, a button called Add Planned Appointment will appear.

2. Next enter the relevant details. The planned appointment can be edited later if any changes need to be made. Here you can also specify a waiting list which can be tracked and used to book when you’re viewing that specific waiting list.

Booking the Planned Appointments

3. Now we can book the planned appointment. This can be done multiple ways:

a. Booking an appointment manually: If the criteria match (the start date for the appointment is after the ‘book after date’, same staff member and duration space) then the planned appointment will be automatically filled in for you.

b. If you’ve already found space in the diary the planned appointment can be drag and dropped straight into the diary slot from the filtered list.

c. Double clicking on the planned appointment in the filtered list will open up our useful find a slot utility.


The Find a Slot utility can search through busy diaries to find available time in the diary. As this has been done from a planned appointment, it will automatically load in all the appointment details. For example the practitioner, appointment length, and the earliest date it can be booked.

Selecting a slot from the list will automatically go to that available slot in the diary screen and highlight it clearly for you to book the planned appointment into.

Please watch our video below showing off how Planned appointments can be utilised in Pearl.