BPE Audit Trail

BPE Audit Trail

How to see the history of changes on a BPE. To find out how to add a BPE and view past charts go here.

1) Go to Patient Record -> BPE & Perio Tab. This audit is for the BPE column on the left side of the screen.


2) Select which exam you would like to audit by hovering over the exam and left clicking. This will highlight your chosen exam in green.

3) Press the eye button at the bottom of the BPE section. This will open a new window showing the BPE audit history.

BPE History refers to any changes made to that exam on a different day. It will show you the end result of any changes made to that chart on a given day.

Full Audit History will show all the changes to the BPE including those taken on the day, so if you changed the chart multiple times it will show you each BPE save you made.