Soft Tissue Pathology

Soft Tissue Pathology

Following on from the Soft Tissue assessment, the practitioner may wish to record the extent of what they have found in the Soft Tissue Pathology section.

1) Go to patient’s record -> Soft Tissue & Pathology tab. Then click the appropriate area of the mouth on the grid (each grid square represents an area of 5mm x 5mm).

2) A window will open. Enter a description for the chosen area, for example “Ulcer 2mm”, optionally tick Requires Referral, and press Save.

3) The record can be viewed in the list in the bottom right hand corner, or by hovering over the highlighted area on the mouth grid.


a) Highlighted in green – the current selected area on the mouth grid

b) Highlighted in orange – pathology record added

c) Highlighted in red – pathology record added, with referral required