Charting Favourites using Drag & Drop

Charting Favourites using Drag & Drop feature

How to add certain types of treatments and defects to a favourites list for easy access.

Adding a Favourite Treatment


1) On the charting tab, select the ‘star‘ button to open up the ‘Edit Treatment Plan Items’ window.

2) Select the treatment item you would like to add to your favourites. Press the ‘green plus‘ button to add it.

3) The treatment item will then show in the favourites section, as seen below. You can then re-order the favourites to suit your needs. Press the green tick when done.

4) You will be taken back to the Charting tab. From here you can view all your favourites. You can do the same process with defects by highlighting the ‘Defects’ button and following the same process.

Drag & Drop


1) In order to drag & drop, press and hold on the selected favourite you want to use with the left-hand mouse button. Drag it over the appropriate tooth and release the left-hand mouse button.

2) Once you’ve released the button, it will give a list of options based on the type of treatment/defect. You can select the specific treatment/ defect type and it will appear on the tooth.

3) It will add the relevant treatment into the section below.