How to Setup New Treatment Items

How to Setup New Treatment Items

How to setup what treatment is available within treatment plans. You can customise your charting items, for example a specific filling type with a colour of your choice.

1) Go to patient’s record -> Charting Tab -> Settings Cog Button on the bottom left of the screen.

2) To add a new treatment item, click the green plus button on the bottom right. If you want to edit one that already exists, find the selected one with either the search box at the top or by scrolling through the list.

3) A new window will appear where you can enter the details of the item you’re adding. In the Description text box put the name of the item, for example Advanced Implant. Set a default price and discount price (if using) by clicking the up and down arrows or type it in using your keyboard.

4) If you would like to include this new treatment item in your chartable item list then tick the Chartable box. Several options will now be available. Go to step 5 if your item needs a surface description or skip to step 6 if you are adding a Chartable Denture.

5) If a surface description is needed for your new item then tick Surface Based. This will show a list of all the surface types including multiple surfaces when you’re charting. If you tick Simple Surface then only the five surface types will show (without the more advanced combination option). Please see an example below of Surface Based options versus Simple Surface options. Choose a Display Picture from the drop down menu. This will appear on the tooth when you select your new charting item while doing your baselines and proposals. Select a Category drop down list and choose a category to place your new item in. If it doesn’t fit any of the categories choose N/A -this will put it in the main charting list. Press Save and the item will now be available in your charting list.

Surface Options

Only Surface Based ticked giving the more detailed list of surface options.

Both Surface Based and Simple Surface ticked giving the five basic options.

6) If your charting item is a denture then leave the Surface Based box blank and tick the Denture box. Select whether the denture is Upper or Lower and set a Display Picture. The Category will automatically be set to Dentures. Press the Save button and the item will now be available in your charting list.

7) To edit a treatment item, follow Step 1 by going to the Setup Treatment List window. Scroll through the list or use the search bar at the top to find the item you want to edit then select the yellow edit button. The name cannot be changed but the price, whether or not the item is Chartable, the Display Picture and the Category can all be edited along with the more detailed Surface Based and Denture options. Once you have made your changes press Save.

Please Note: If you wish to Discontinue an item, use the red button next to your chosen item. This item will no longer be available when setting up your treatment plan, any past recordings of this item will remain charted. The item can always be Enabled again if needed in the future by pressing the green tick.