Creating and Updating the Baseline

Creating and Updating the Baseline

How to create a baseline for a new patient and how to update changes on a returning visit.

Creating the Baseline


1) Go to the patients record and select the Charting tab.


2) There will be two rows of charting images. These rows are called ‘Present’ and are the baseline of the top and bottom rows of teeth. You can update the baseline at anytime, so if the patient gets any treatment outside of your practice you can include the changes.

3) Hover over the tooth you want to chart on and left click. This will show a list of defects and proposals. Select the relevant condition. Additional lists will appear if the condition requires further detail such as surface selection.

4) If you have multiple of the same condition, for example a missing tooth you can select it once using the instructions in step 3) and then right click the other affected areas to indicate those teeth are also missing.

5) You can edit this baseline at anytime, including during a course of treatment. Add the changes in and then continue with the treatment. If you want to delete or ‘mark as not present’ a condition that you’ve charted in the baseline then left click on the tooth affected. Go to View History -> Select the condition -> Select Delete or Mark as Not Present.