Phone Integrations

Phone Integration

Pearl will now integrate with any Phone systems that uses TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface).

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  1. Now you are ready to start viewing your incoming phone calls in Pearl. First, press the new Phone icon in the top right hand corner, and select a phone that is available in your practice.

2.  Now we have 2 different incoming calls:


  • The image on the left shows a patient thats number has not been recognised in Pearl. Here there is an option to add the number to a new patient record. It will automatically import the number into the mobile number tab.
  • The image on the right¬†shows an existing patient in Pearl. From here you can quickly go the the patients current record, if the number matches an updated patient record in Pearl. If a patient has an image, it may also display this.

3. Finally, you can quickly setup a outgoing call to a patient by pressing the mobile icon that will now appear next to a patient’s mobile, home or alternate number.