Custom Questionnaires Question Type

Custom Questionnaires Question Types

Here we can setup different types of questions to suit the structure of how you would like your questions answered. Structured questionnaires can help with recording clinical data for your patients or for patients to complete themselves before or after treatment.


  • Options are for questions that can show more than one possible answer.
  • You can set a Default option that will have this selected as the default answer.
  • Allow Multiple Options can allow the user to select more than one of the options created.
  • You can reorder the options using the arrow icons
  • EXAMPLE USE: Question Text: How did you hear about us? Options: Social Media, Television Advert, Word of Mouth, Magazine, Google Search, Other.

Short and Long Text

  • Short Text can be used for simple short answers. It is only limited to 50 Characters.
  • Long Text is advised to be used when taking a brief description as an answer.
  • A Default text can be set for Short Text to quickly write in text.

Numbers and Sliders

  • Number types can be used to set a minimum and maximum number answer.
  • Number types can also have an optional default value.
  • A Number Slider can be used as a visual representation of a number range with a maximum value of 10.

Staff Members

  • You can display either a list of all registered staff members in Pearl or all Practitioners (Staff with Diary Enabled) registered.


  • Using Date you can record a date
  • EXAMPLE USE: When was your last Dental Visit? Answer: 01/01/2010


Red / Amber / Green

Label Only