Adding a new Patient Record

Adding A New Patient Record

Adding a patient that is not already registered to your dental practice.

Add A New Patient Record


1) Click the Add Patient button (towards the top left-hand corner, symbolised by a generic person with a plus sign).

2) As a minimum requirement, you must enter the Surname, Forename and Gender of the patient.


3) You may also add the Title, Status, Default Practitioner(s), Date of Birth, Address, Postcode, Home Phone, Mobile and Email.

4) Press the Save button (in the bottom right hand corner, symbolised by a blue floppy disk) to confirm your changes and navigate to the newly created patient record.

Please note, if the system believes that you have created a duplicate record, you will be asked whether you wish to view the existing record(s) or confirm that you still wish to save the new record and navigate to it anyway.