Creating a Letter Template

Creating a Letter Template

How to make a letter template. If you’ve already setup the template and want to know how merge and print the letters go to Sending Recalls, Sending Reminders or Merging Filter List (for printing letters for a specific group of people).

1) Go to Settings -> Communication Setup -> Letter Templates

2) To add a new template click the green plus button at the bottom left of the window. To edit an existing template click the yellow edit button next to the template you wish to amend.

3) Enter a Template Name. Please note this is for your reference only, the patient will not see this.

Do not include the file extension i.e:
Correct: ‘Welcome Letter’
Incorrect: ‘Welcome Letter.doc’

Once you save the name it will ask you to choose a template to base the new one off. Choose a template such a ‘PracticeTemplate’.

4) Microsoft Word will open. It may not automatically show on your screen. Click the flashing Word icon at the bottom of the screen to view the template. Amend the template as needed.

5) In the toolbar at the top of Word go to Mailings-> Insert Merge Field to select the merge field you require from the list. Merge fields will automatically insert the patient or practice details in into the message.


For example if you want to merge Mrs Susan Baker’s title and second name into the template you would insert the merge fields ‘Patient_Title’ and ‘Patient_Surname’. The program would then look at the patient record or records you want to merge into the letter and automatically  fill these details in for you.

6) Save the template as you would a normal Word document. Close it down and it will show in your Patient MailMerge window in Pearl. You can now merge patient details to it.


7) If you want to make this your reminder or recall template, toggle the Reminder or Recall star on the template. You may have to scroll across to show the Recall star setting.