User Permissions for the Dashboard

Pearl Dashboard

Setup User Permissions for the Dashboard

The Dashboard acts as the central hub for all staff giving a clear overview of the practice and identifying key areas for attention such as open treatment plans and overdue patients. The visible tiles can be customised for each staff member meaning you only see the most important information.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Staff Setup > User Permissions. You will need to have the relevant level of permissions to access this screen.

2. Next Select any of the suitable permissions with the Dashboard category.


  • You can allow access to the dashboard itself as a permission.
  • You can allow or deny access to all other users infomation on the Dashboard
  • You can allow which Tiles can be viewed specifically. We plan to add much more to the Dashboard so its important to monitor this after every update!


If you are selected as an Admin, you will automatically have access to all Dashboard features