Find A Slot Utility

Find an available slot

The Find a Slot Utility is useful for those instances when you would like to find and book an appointment during a busy time period.

Find A Slot Utility in the Diary


1) Find and select the ‘Find a Slot’ button on the practitioners Diary.

2) Select the drop-down menu and choose the appropriate staff member.

3) Then select the ‘Appointments From’ button. A Calendar will appear allowing you to input the dates required.

4) Press the ‘Slot Types’ button and a drop down menu will appear showing a selection of slot types. Highlight the relevant one and select it.

5) If a 2nd appointment is needed, tick the ‘2nd Appointment Box‘ and it will bring up a new set of parameters. You are then able to select the practitioner for the 2nd appointment, the length of the appointment and the max wait time.

6) Hit the ‘Search‘ button and a list of all available slots will appear. You can then select the appropriate slot by hovering over one and double clicking the left-button on the mouse.

7) The Practice Diary screen will appear with a highlighted section of the 1st appointment practitioner. You are then able to book any appointments with them, and subsequent practitioner.