Moving to Pearl – Dental Software UK – What to expect.

Moving to Pearl – Dental Software UK – What to expect.

Moving to Pearl Dental Software – What to expect.

Moving dental software can seem like a huge daunting task. It doesn’t have to be!

Over the years the team at Pearl have moved hundreds of practice from a plethora of software system to Pearl Dental Software. We have worked with all “major” software suppliers to home-grown systems developed in house with a single user. We take the same care in all transfers and ensure that you  are aware what to expect and what is happening.

This guide will give you an overview of the process.

New for Pearl - Clinical notes can now be more organised with Custom Questionnaires.
First Contact

The practice decide they are ready to move away from their current provider. This can be an incredibly difficult decision to make.

Reasons can include:

  1. Existing system is not fit for requirements – It is often the case that more “established” systems become sledgehammers to crack nuts. Pearl Dental Software strives to ensure that all expected functionality is easy to perform, more advanced features are still there but are hidden away to reduce the learning curve until they are needed.
  2. Support of existing system is not up to standards or has very long wait times – Support of our existing clients is our number one priority, our entire team work on the support line to ensure no calls are left on hold and our development team are situated in the same office as our support team meaning complex support calls can often be resolved in the first call.
  3. Existing system costs are unfair or hidden – Pearl has always had a subscription based model for its pricing. We include all functionality of the Pearl Dental Software system within this charge. This includes our PearlPad solution which many other providers use as a hidden way to increase subscriptions. The more you use pearl the more cost effective it becomes!
  4. Uncertain future of company  Dental software has had a long and chequered history of companies being acquired and systems being discontinued. Pearl Dental Software is an entirely privately held Limited company, established for over 20 years Pearl has already passed through a family generation and continues to grow.

With that being said every practice will have their own reason for looking to move, if you wish to discuss it with our team to ensure Pearl is the best fit and will resolve the problems you have been having make sure to mention it to us!

First Contact

In the first conversation we will aim to understand much more about you as a practice and what your requirements are to ensure we are fit for purpose. We can often perform a live online demonstration on the day or arrange a suitable time to do so with all the people involved.

Initial Data Migration

When you are happy to proceed from the initial contact our team will ask to take a copy of your existing systems data to perform a “trial” data transfer, this is a limited example of what is to be transferred. It will only include a limited subset of patients, appointments and clinical information. We will provide you with a data processor agreement when we take data. Once this is available our team will be in touch to demonstrate Pearl Dental Software with your practice data loaded into it. Any questions or concerns you may have can be addressed and planned for accordingly.


The team will provide you with a cost for the data transfer, installation and training. This will be tailored to your practice, it can include multiple training days and additional services such as hardware installation, hardware support and x-ray services.

True Data Migration

Once you are ready to move forward we perform a “full” data migration which will include all data points that will be in the final system. When this is available it will be given to your team as a “demo” copy which will allow you to explore the system before your installation. You are free to raise any concern to our migration team who will be addressed before your installation.

Final Data Migration

We aim to where possible run a final migration on a fresh backup from your existing system on the same day as the installation. This will mean all data in Pearl is up to date with what is in your existing system.

Installation and Training

With an up to date copy of your database in hand our team will arrive at your practice (or over zoom!) to perform training. This generally can be done in one day but we will tailor it to your requirements. Training will be performed on a “temporary” copy of your practices data and our team will ensure all your staff have a good understanding of the patient journey within Pearl by the end of the session. At the end of your session your up to date Pearl database will be initialized ready for you to check-in that first patient!

Here to Support

We will leave you with all the contact numbers you will need for on-going support, follow-up video sessions can be arranged to ensure your practice stays on the right track. All support can be done via remote support utilities that allow our team to remote in and see your desktop to help assist in any training or support requirements.

The Future

You will receive our updates as they are released and have access to all up-to-date features. If you ever decide that PearlPad, Self Check-In screens or X-ray integrations are the way to go you can activate these features with no additional monthly licence costs.
A Final Word

Although not as simple as 1-2-3 the process of moving systems is something we are very familiar with. We know what a tough and stressful decision it can be and the pressure a poorly managed data transfer can put on staff. All of which can be avoided.

We have designed our workflow to have multiple points at which any gremlins that may pop up can be squashed early on in the process and all questions and queries your team may have can be addressed.

If you are excited to see what your existing dental software would look like in Pearl then get in touch to arrange an Initial Data Migration by calling 0116 275 9995 or email us at

Ben Baker