Product Announcement – New Pearl Dental Software the most complete system for independent dentists

Product Announcement – New Pearl Dental Software the most complete system for independent dentists

BHA announces new version of Pearl

New version makes Pearl Dental Software the system for independent dentists

BHA Software Limited today announced the latest member of the Pearl family of software systems for dentists. Pearl Dental Software builds on BHA’s 20 years of experience in practice management systems to deliver the most complete patient journey support currently available in the UK.

Pearl Dental Software offers independent dentists and small chains all the features they’ve enjoyed from previous versions with an enhanced user interface and support for cloud-computing. This gives practices greater operational flexibility, simpler set-up and improved patient record and data management.

“This is the biggest upgrade we’ve made to Pearl for many years,” says Ben Baker, MD of BHA. “We’ve invested in every aspect of Pearl, from a new user interface to revised underlying architecture. Not only does the new product support the whole patient journey better than anything else on the market, but it now looks more attractive and is easier for every member of the practice team to use.”

Corporate reporting

For the first time the system also incorporates extensive corporate reporting so that it can support medium sized chains of up to 50 practices.

“Pearl now looks thoroughly modern, and we see a great future for it,” continues Mr Baker. “For example, the reporting functions mean that as well as supporting our traditional independent dentist base, we are equipped to expand with small groups and chains as they develop.”

BHA’s investment in Pearl extends beyond the product itself. It has expanded its marketing function to help give customers confidence in their investment and to broaden the reach of the product across the UK dentistry profession. BHA has also created a new website and brand imaging for Pearl and invested heavily in its customer communications.

Mr Baker concludes; “To date, Pearl has become the UK’s third most popular practice management system purely through word of mouth. We see a lot of confusion in the market place about the direction being taken by the ‘big two’. They are not focused on the needs of the independent dentist. We are, and we always have been. Now we also offer them the tools they need to support their business as it grows into a multi-practice chain.”

Time-table for product roll-out

  • Private practice Beta and early-adopter programme – began in October 2017
  • NHS/Mixed practice Beta and early-adopter programme – Beta test under way, early adopter programme starts June 2018
  • Private practice GA (General Availability) – February 2018
  • NHS/Mixed practice GA – Q3 2018


New User and Upgrade Costs

  • Upgrade to the new system for existing Pearl users is free for those users already using BHA Online Back-up. However, there is a one-off charge of £375 for user training and set-up support.
  • For all users, Pearl is charged on a per-surgery, per-month basis. Up-to-date prices can be found on the website:
  • For new customer practices based in the UK there is a one-off installation and training day that costs from £575.00 plus VAT.


About Baker Heath Associates

BHA write user-friendly software with a flexible pricing system, no tie-in contract and continuous support & upgrades. We produce software products for several business areas; dental surgeries, mortgage brokers, colleges & universities, estimators and membership organisations. We take client feedback very seriously. Upgrades, modifications and improvements are driven by requests from our clients.

Support, Installation & Training

There is no switchboard at Baker Heath – you get straight through to support. A programmer answers your call and will be able to start helping you immediately. When you purchase one of our packages, we will install the program on-site and provide training for all staff on the same day.

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