Happy New Year: January Update 2020

Happy New Year: January Update 2020

January 2020 New Features

  • NEW! Automated SMS reminders (at last). You can now set the days of the week and the time you want your SMS’s to go out and they will go automatically. To find out more/ set up click here or call us on 0116 275 9995.


  • UDA burn up chart (see picture below)! We’re quite proud of this one. We’ve made a graph for NHS practices to keep on top of their UDA targets. It says whether your UDA performance is on target, over performing or (the dreaded) underperforming throughout the year. Performers can check their personal progress, or practice owners/managers can see how the practice as a whole is performing. Make sure you accurately set your personal UDA target and total UDA target in the NHS claims manager to take full advantage of this new feature!


  • If you cast your eyes to the left side of the appointment book, you’ll now see a new button for Lapsed Recalls. Added by popular demand from our practices using PearlPlus, bringing patients back into surgery after a long hiatus is now super easy to do! Before using the tool, don’t forget to set a default Lapsed recall template by going to Settings-> Communication Setup -> Template Type. Make the template and then use the stars to set it as the default template for lapsed.

January 2020 Feature Improvements

  • There are now new symbols for charting! If you check out Settings -> Treatment Plan -> Treatment Items -> The Green Plus Button at the bottom to add new treatment item to the list. As long as it’s chartable you can use one of the new symbols!


  • Our referral reports now have a summary of the number of referrals sent to your practice from other practices, hospitals and businesses. Go to Reports -> Registered Patients Grouped by Referring Practice and scroll to the last page which has the summary.


  • You can now see a larger number of recent patients on the top right, perfect for those groggy Monday mornings when you’ve forgotten to scan something in for whats-his-name who came in at 9…

That’s everything this month! Please give us a call on 0116 275 9995 if you have any feature suggestions, improvements or simply want to learn more about new or existing features in Pearl.

A little bit about us…

About Baker Heath Associates Limited

BHA writes user-friendly software to a specific target with a flexible pricing system, no tie-in contract and continuous support and upgrades. We produce software products for a number of areas; dental surgeries, mortgage brokers, colleges & universities, estimators and membership organisations. We take client feedback very seriously, and upgrades, modifications and improvements are driven by requests from our clients.

Support, Installation & Training

There is no switchboard at Baker Heath – you get straight through to support. A programmer answers your call and will be able to start helping you immediately. When you purchase one of our packages, we will install the program on-site and provide training for all staff on the same day.


Call 0116 275 9995 to find out more about moving to Pearl or email us at info@bhasoftware.com

Charlotte Taylor