Automated SMS Reminders

Automated SMS Reminders


    Send SMS to Patients Who Have already had a Reminder (for example if they have received a letter, would you like them to still get an automated text?)

    How many working days before the appointment would you like us to send the text?

    Topup Credit Amount When Running Low on Credits

    When your practice drops to 500 SMS we will automatically add the selected bundle of credits so that your automated reminders always run. Please note, prices exclude VAT.

    Would you like to just remind for the next appointment or for the Dentist & Hygienist separately?

    Finally, when would you like the automated SMS reminders to run from?

    please note if you select todays date, the SMS automated reminds will start from tomorrow

    If you have any questions, want to clarify any of the fields above or just want to talk to us further about automating your recalls then please call us on 0116 275 9995.

    Charlotte Taylor