Staff Rota Wizard

Staff Rota Wizard

If you are adding a new practitioner weekly working hours or you would like to amend or block off a longer period, then you will need to use the Wizard Setup.

1) Go to Settings -> Rota Setup -> Wizard Setup.


2) Choose a staff member from the Staff drop down.

3) Set the working time period by choosing a Start Date and an End Date. If this is their permanent rota (you can adjust odd days on-the-fly) set the end date to 2+ years in the future.


4) For new practitioners it will automatically set the practitioner’s working week to match up with the practice’s start and end time. Otherwise it will use previously set times for that practitioner as a template. You can adjust each day’s start and end time. If the practitioner works different days over the two-week period (one Saturday every two weeks) then tick the 2 Week Repeat box. This will list 14 days in the week to adjust instead of just 7.


5) Add specific slots for each day such as ‘Urgent Appointment’s or ‘Lunch’ by clicking the green + button. You can also configure the reserve categories by pressing the cog button.

6) Use the drop down to choose the type of slot and put in a Start Time and End Time for the slot reservation.


7) If the outline of the box for times is red that means the timings are invalid. Check they fall within the working hours of that practitioner and don’t clash with any other reserve slots.


8) Then press Run Wizard, and it will create entries for all the days included in the period set.


9) A pop-up window will alert you to any rotas that have manual adjustments (like holidays).