Setting up Medical History

Setting up Medical History

Pearl allows you to add completely customisable medical warnings for your patients medical history. You can add new warnings or amend existing warnings using this set up. If you want to find out how to record medical warning for a patient please go here.

1) Go to Settings -> Medical Warnings.

2) To add a new Medical Warning press the green plus button. Then fill out a description (e.g Patient is Allergic to Latex).

3) Next indicate whether you wish for this warning to trigger the Medical Alert. The alert is a symbol that is visible on the patient record which when hovered over, shows any medical warnings and supporting notes.

4) Tick Hidden From Medical History if you wish to hide a warning from your questionnaire.  Please note, warnings cannot be hidden from the questionnaire if they have been ticked by any patient at any point in time.

5) Using the up & down arrows, choose where you would like the question to come up in the list. Then exit the window to return back to the main screen.