Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote Support is an excellent tool we use to connect to your computer. Once connected we can fix any software issues you’re having or help you work your way around the system if you’re unsure on how to do something. Being able to see the issue means we can identify the problem and fix it much faster then if you had to explain what you were seeing over the phone or wait for us to drive to your practice.

1) Remote support is accessible from most areas of the system. Find it in the top right corner of your screen and click on it to open.

2) A window will now open and will look something like the one below. You will need to read out Your ID number (the 9-digit number showing on your screen). The password will be 4 stars, this is a password only we know to ensure security.

3) A pop-up will appear at the bottom right of the screen to show that we have connected to your computer. We can now see what you see on your computer screen.


Sometimes computer permissions mean we need your help to click as we’re limited on what we can do when a computer’s setting is overriding our connection.

Please note: We do sometimes stop your ability to use the mouse – sorry. We only do this if fixing the computer is urgent or the computer is acting in an unexpected way.

Click here to leave some feedback about Pearl or here to find out how to do it straight from your system.