Refunding a Patient

Refunding a Patient

Keep your books balanced by refunding correctly.

1) Go to patient’s record -> Accounts tab.


2) Press the Refund button to add a refund for the patient.


3) Enter the relevant details for the refund. If applicable tick Sundry and amend the staff member the refund is for.


4) As the refund is giving money back to the patient, this puts their account into debt, therefore we must put a Credit note on this patient to balance out the refund. Create a Credit Note with the same settings as the refund by clicking the Credit Note button.



1) Patient starts off with a balance of £0.00 and having been billed and paid for 2 tooth brushes.

2) Patient returns and want’s a refund for 1 of the tooth brushes.


3) Create a refund for the £3 refund.


4) Now patient is showed as owing the £3 we refunded them.

5) Create the £3 credit note to balance out the refund.


6) Patient is back to their balance of £0.00.