Processing Claims

Processing Claims

The Processing tab is an integral element to the NHS Claims Manager. It is used when you have previously sent a batch to the NHS and are expecting a response about the claims you have sent.

Process Batch Acknowledgements

Once a batch has been acknowledged by the NHS, you will be required to Process Batch Acknowledgements before creating any new batches. Note that a batch that has been acknowledged will confirm that the NHS received it successfully.


Processing Scheduled Entries

By Selecting the Processing Scheduled Entries button, you are updating the ‘sent‘ status of your NHS Claims to ‘Scheduled‘. This is to confirm all claims UDA’s match what you claimed for. If for any reason a claim does not match, they will appear in the Mismatches tab and will need to be looked at further. it is worth noting that LATE SUBMITTED FORMS will fall under Mismatches.


Scheduled Entries are processed and sent once a month from the NHS and have certain cut off dates. Please check with the NHS for these dates.


Process Responses

If the Process Responses button is highlighted in bold, it signals that there are forms that the NHS have not accepted. These forms will appear in the Attention Forms tab. To check the reason why, you can open the form and view the history. Once you have made the necessary amendments and resigned it, the form will move into the Signed tab.


Process All

Process All gives you the ability to complete all the above steps at the click of a button.


Check For Reponses

It is important to press the Check for Responses button when you are expecting a response from the NHS, particularly 3-5 days after you have sent off a batch. By doing so, you will have the option to complete the above steps in the processing tab.