NHS Claims Filter

NHS Claims Filter

FP17/O claims can be filtered in the new NHS Claims Filter & Orthodontic Claims Filter. This can be useful if you are trying to find claims of a certain type.

1. Head to Manage NHS Claims tab at the top of the screen, select NHS Claims Filter or Orthodontic Claims Filter depending on which filter you would like to use.

2. Much like the filtering page, we can create user defined filters, or view all columns relating specifically to FP17/O forms.

3. To use the filters, we can select on the funnel next to the filter name, and select from a range of options. In this case, we can select the claim band type.

Please note that the filtering options available to you will differ depending on which filter you apply.


For example, we have filtered all claims that are Signed status that fall under the Treatment Category Band 1.

4. If you would like to save your custom filter, press the floppy disk (save). Give the filter a description. By doing this you can re-use this filter in the future.


5. To use the filter again, select it from the dropdown menu of user-defined filters.