Managing Appointments

This includes adding, moving and cancelling appointments. 

Adding a Family Appointment into the Appointment Book

1) Hover over the slot you want to book the family appointment into and left click once to highlight.


2) On the left-hand side click the button ‘Family Appointment’.


3) A popup window with all of the family members will appear. You can unselect any family members that are not attending the appointment by unticking them in the ‘Include’ column.


4) Select the appointment type and duration. The ‘All Booked At Start’ is unavailable unless you amend the practice settings to include this option on family appointments. ‘Staggered’ will book the family in sequential slots. ‘All Booked At Start’ will book one (usually long) slot umbrellaing all family members that attending.


5) Click save, the appointment/appointments will now be in the diary.

Editing Appointments


1a) Left click the appointment that needs adjusting and right click. A drop-down menu will appear, go down the list and select ‘Edit’.


The two ways to edit appointments in the diary are:


1b) Left click once the appointment that needs adjusting. Once the appointment is highlighted, press the yellow edit button on the bottom left.


2) A window will pop up with the current information about the appointment.


3) Adjust the appointment to the new desired appointment type, duration and status. Click the save button and your adjustments will show in the appointment book.


We hope this tutorial has helped with the basics of managing appointments. Go here if you would like to find out how to make Family Appointments or here if you wish to change your Appointment Types.