How to Filter Patients


Filtering is a useful method to narrow down specific patients within your practice to either a printable list or to be contacted via email, letter or SMS.

1. To access the filtering page, you can select filtering at the top of the screen. Please be aware this may take a few minutes to load.

 This icon allows you to hide which columns are visible.

This icon shows you which columns are currently enabled.

At the bottom left of the filtering page, you can see a total number of patients within your filter out of the total number of patients that a practice has. You are able to select the ‘Active Only‘ tick to either include or exclude inactive patients. The default setting it to only show active patients.

(From left to right). A filtered list of patients can then be merged to a letter, an SMS message, email, or exported to a spreadsheet. 3×7 labels can be created for letters. There are two further options, to create a basic or detailed list of the patients within the filter.

There is a list of pre-defined filters available in PearlDental that can be applied.


Alternatively, you can save a user defined filter to be used in the future. To save a filter , select the blue ‘Floppy Disk‘. Give your filter a name, and press the tick box. It can then be found at the bottom of the list of pre-defined filters available.