Adding a Custom Questionnaire

Custom Questionnaires

You can now add custom questionnaires to Pearl to have a more efficient way of organising you clinical notes or just to have a  more structured layout when one to one with your Patients.

1) To add a new Custom Questionnaire, go to Settings -> Communication Setup -> Questionnaire Templates.

2) Now we are on the Setup Questionnaires window. To add a new questionnaire, press the     icon.

3) Here we can give the questionnaire a suitable name and a type. If you would like the patients to view and sign these questionnaires, select the Available To Patients option.

Questionnaire Type:

  • Clinical – This will be saved under Clinical Notes
  • Non Clinical- This will be saved under Questionnaires

Section Name:

  • Add Section – Add a new section to separate and organise a questionnaire
  • Add Question- Add a new question to a section
  • Delete Section- Delete a section to remove all the questions contained
  • Move Section Up/Down – Use the arrows to move the question ordering around
  • Hide/Show Section – Hide and show a section to collapse all questions contained in this section

Question Types

Here we can setup different types of questions to suit the structure of how you would like your questions answered.

Click here for more information on the Question Types 

4) Finally, we can save the Questionnaire and now use this template.