Creating an Email Template

Creating an Email Template

How to make an Email template. If you’ve already setup the template and want to know how to send the Emails go to Sending Recalls, Sending Reminders or Merging Filter List (for sending Emails to a specific group of people).

1) Go to Settings -> Communication Setup -> Email Templates.

2) To add a new template click the green plus button at the bottom left of the window. To edit an existing template click the yellow edit button next to the template you wish to amend.

3) Enter a Template Name. Please note this is for your reference only, the patient will not see this. Underneath the Template Name enter the subject of the Email. This will be seen by the patient. Add the body of the text in the large text box provided.


4) Select the merge field you require from the list on the right hand side. Press < Insert Field, to include it in the email template. Merge fields will automatically insert the patient or practice details in into the message. For example if you want to merge Mrs Susan Baker’s title and second name into the template you would insert the merge fields ‘Patient_Title’ and ‘Patient_Surname’. The program would then look at the patient record or records you want to merge into the email and automatically fill these details in for you.

5) To add an attachment, click the green plus button on the bottom left and find the attachment you wish to be sent with the email.

6) Once you are happy with the template press save. The window will close and it will show the Email Template Setup page. If you want to make this your reminder or recall template, toggle the Reminder or Recall star on the template. You may have to scroll across to show the Recall star setting.


7) Close the window using the X at the top right corner to save your changes. Please click here to find out how to send Recalls. Please press here to find out how to send Reminders.