Banking Report

Banking Report

How to create a new banking report and how to view or edit previous banking reports.

Creating a New Banking Report


1) Go to Banking Report -> Create New Banking Report.

2) This opens a window with a list all of your payments. It will default to all practitioners, if you want to change this you use the drop down ‘ALL’ box to pick individual practitioners.

3) Click ‘Bank’ this will then ask for a confirmation, click ‘Yes‘ and the report will appear.

4) This will then generate and save the report. It’s not required to bank the payments, but if you’d like to print out the report press the printer icon on the top left corner.

View Old Reports


1) Go to Banking Report -> View Old Reports.

2) Hover over and select the banking report you want to view.

3) The buttons at the bottom will now be selectable. Print Banking Report will allow you to view the selected report. Delete Banking Report will remove the banking report and unbank the patient transactions listed in that report.

4) If you selected ‘Print Banking Report‘ it will take you to this screen where you can then print the report by clicking on the printer icon on the top left.

5) If you would like to view previously deleted reports, tick the ‘Show Deletions‘ tick box on the bottom left.