Creating a Bill and Accepting a Payment

Creating a Bill and Accepting a Payment

Create a bill and accept a payment for it. (If you want to see how to automatically bill through treatment plan, please go here).

Bills from the Treatment Plan


When closing off a treatment plan or billing all the done items, a bill will automatically be created in the accounts that relate to the specific treatment items.

As these bills are associated with the treatment items this also allows the bill to be printed out and show the items being billed for.


The bills made from treatment plans automatically go to the practitioner of the plan.

On the Accounts Page


Another type of bill is a Sundry order, these are bills for selling items within the practice such as floss, toothbrushes etc. You can bill for a sundry order by pressing the New Sundry Order button.

A custom Bill can be created from the accounts page by pressing the red Bill button. This allows you to bill patients for extra things that aren’t related to sundry orders or treatment items.



The simplest way to take payments is with the Pay Balance button. This will create automatic payments for all outstanding bills and assign them to the correct practitioner. This works best when bills and payments are correctly assigned to the right practitioner and when wanting to settle up the whole outstanding balance.

Deposits allow you to take payment for a set percentage or amount for an open treatment plan. This also means once the Pay Balance is used at the end of treatment the payment for the patient will only be the remaining amount left to pay.


Payment can be used to place a custom payment onto the patient. This could be used if the patient only wants to pay a set amount.


Please Note: 

Always ensure if making custom bills / payments that the sundry box is either ticked or unticked where appropriate. If there is inconsistent use of the sundry (eg a bill as sundry but the payment as normal) this will create issues with the Pay Balance as the system thinks the Bill is still outstanding because it has no related sundry Payment


Always make sure Payments/Bills are being assigned to the correct practitioner. Usually transactions are assigned to the patients registered Dentist, however if Payments aren’t made under the same practitioner as it’s Bill the Pay Balance button will stop working as the system thinks the Bill hasn’t been paid.