Attention Forms & Mismatches

Attention Forms & Mismatches

Forms that have been processed by the NHS and need further attention due to an issue will fall under the Attention Forms tab.

1. On this tab you can open forms to review their history, check the issue and make any amendments. You can do this by pressing the Open button next to the form you would like to view.

2. To view the history of the form, select View History in the top right corner of the FP17.

3. Under the Mismatches tab, it show the claims that you have received back from the NHS with UDA’s that don’t match. Either in UDA count or money collected. Late submitted claims fall under mismatches. This is due to sending claims outside the allocated two month period. You will not receive any UDA’s you claimed for. These claims can be suppressed. Do this by selecting the red cross next to the claim.