Adding an NHS Contract & Practitioner Allocation

Adding an NHS Contract & Practitioner Allocation

This setting allows you to add NHS contracts to Pearl Dental, and allocate your practitioners to the correct contract.

Before adding a contract and assigning practitioners to the contract in Pearl Dental, make sure the NHS BSA have confirmed the contract is setup, and your practitioners are assigned to that contract. You can also set this up via Compass.


Once you have set up your contract on Compass or with the NHS BSA, you can put it into Pearl Dental by following the steps below.


1. Select the Settings tab, then NHS Setup and finally Setup Contracts.

2. This window shows you all the contracts that the practice has currently on Pearl Dental. To add a new contract, press theĀ  button.

3. Fill in the required details, such as a description, contract number and location number. Once you are happy, click the floppy disk (save).


If you know your UDA / UOA Value, you can enter the value in the UDA Value field. This will provide more statistics in the NHS Claims Manager, allowing you to see remaining UDA points and percentage completed.

4. Next, we can assign practitioners to the new contract. Head back into Settings, NHS Setup, and then Assign Staff Contracts.

5. From the drop-down menu, select the member of staff, then press theĀ  button to add a new contract to that Staff member.

6. Select the Contract you wish to assign to the practitioner and confirm the change using the tick button.