This Month Starts Off with a Bang: November Update 2019

This Month Starts Off with a Bang: November Update 2019

November 2019 New Features

  • Pearl Cockpit Overhaul (pictured above)! We’ve now added functional new graphs so you can see how your practice is performing at a glance.


  • New Advance Filtering screen in the bottom right corner (Calendar button) will allow you to filter a list of people who have Missed, Cancelled, and/or Attended an appointment in a given date range. Plus a few more features, including a list of patients with Birthdays in a certain date range so you can send them a Birthday message!


  • New Reports: Orthodontic Referral and Waiting List Patients -includes a ‘Time on List’ so patients who have been waiting longest can take priority!


  • You can now access to the patient folder from the Clinical Notes screen (folder button next to the X-ray button). This should help streamline your patient checkout process.

A Closer Look at Pearl’s Graphs

November 2019 Feature Improvements

  • Rota Wizard is now called Bulk Rota Setup and is significantly easier to use then before! When you run it, you will be able to see what manual diary changes you’re overwriting and what they will change to with the new rota settings. Go to Settings -> Bulk Rota Setup and follow the dialogues.


  • Treatment plan templates can now be tailored to the individual practitioner instead of the practice.


  • Mega-Requested: You can now see a list of NHS signed forms in alphabetical order.


  • New patients require a mobile or email address when adding them to the system. Mobile number is required, whereas email address is an added requirement you can set in Settings -> Practice Settings -> General.


  • Arrival Notifications will disappear if the patient is no longer waiting according to the Check-In status (ex. In treatment).


  • You can now smart search by email, so if a patient has forgotten to sign off with the details, a quick smart search should bring them up!


  • There’s now an extra date to say when the medical history has been updated by the patient, not just checked by the practitioner. So, if the patient uses PearlPad to fill in a Medical History form, this date will appear alongside the practitioner checked date.

That’s everything this month! Please give us a call on 0116 275 9995 if you have any feature suggestions, improvements or simply want to learn more about new or existing features in Pearl.

A little bit about us…

About Baker Heath Associates Limited

BHA writes user-friendly software to a specific target with a flexible pricing system, no tie-in contract and continuous support and upgrades. We produce software products for a number of areas; dental surgeries, mortgage brokers, colleges & universities, estimators and membership organisations. We take client feedback very seriously, and upgrades, modifications and improvements are driven by requests from our clients.

Support, Installation & Training

There is no switchboard at Baker Heath – you get straight through to support. A programmer answers your call and will be able to start helping you immediately. When you purchase one of our packages, we will install the program on-site and provide training for all staff on the same day.


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