Practice Management Perfection: October Update 2019

Practice Management Perfection: October Update 2019

October 2019 New Features

BPE & Medical History in Charting

BPE & Medical History can now be viewed and edited from a tab within the Clinical Notes saving time preparing and carrying out treatments for your patients.

You can add new BPEs from the charting page. Medical Warnings can be viewed too!
Additional Filtering Options in Pearl Dental

New Filtering Options

Filtering enthusiasts can now apply a date range to the filtering screen. Go to Filtering > Calendar button on the bottom right of the screen. You can do loads of bespoke filtering with this handy feature including a way to find a list of patients who had an appointment on a certain day for a specific practitioner.

New Report:

Find a list of patients with no booked or planned appointments in the future using this new report. Go to Reports > Appointments > Patients with No Future Appointments and No Planned Appointments

October 2019 Feature Improvements

Planned Appointments

Planned Appointments was a massive hit and we had some great suggestions on how to improve it further! Below are the changes we made this month:

  • By far our biggest request was to be able to see notes linked to that appointment, so if you hover over the planned appointment you will now be able to see any notes linked to it.
  • We’ve also added an edited button, so if you do need to make a small change to the appointment, you can edit it from the planned appointment slot.
  • Finally, we’ve made it even easier to book them, just double click on the planned appointment and it will take you to the day it needs booking on!


Tablet users:

There now an indication for when a patient last updated their medical history through the tablet. So you will a ‘Last updated by practice’ and a ‘Last  updated on PearlPad’ date. Dentists & Nurses will still need to press update to acknowledge the medical changes in Pearl on the computer – this is an NHS requirement.

That’s everything this month! Please give us a call on 0116 275 9995 if you have any feature suggestions, improvements or simply want to learn more about new or existing features in Pearl.

A little bit about us…

About Baker Heath Associates Limited

BHA writes user-friendly software to a specific target with a flexible pricing system, no tie-in contract and continuous support and upgrades. We produce software products for a number of areas; dental surgeries, mortgage brokers, colleges & universities, estimators and membership organisations. We take client feedback very seriously, and upgrades, modifications and improvements are driven by requests from our clients.

Support, Installation & Training

There is no switchboard at Baker Heath – you get straight through to support. A programmer answers your call and will be able to start helping you immediately. When you purchase one of our packages, we will install the program on-site and provide training for all staff on the same day.


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