Fall in Love with Pearl: February Update 2020

Fall in Love with Pearl: February Update 2020

We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to the January update. We’ve had some great feedback on the new features and a huge uptake on practices using the new automated SMS reminders. If you want set up automatic SMS reminders, click here and get started.

Below is a roundup of this month’s changes. Although smaller in comparison to January, there are a lot of handy new features aimed at streamlining your processes when using Pearl.

We hope you like them!

February 2020 New Features

  • Report: Bookable Reserved Time Report. Requested by a few of our Orthodontic sites, this report will tell you the time booked vs free for your bookable reserve types (ex. Emergency) over a period of time for your KPIs.


  • Export your clinical note images using the new floppy disk save button so any images stored within your clinical notes can be forwarded to your patients promptly at their request.


  • When a report or patient invoice/receipt is open, you can now hold down the control button on your keyboard (Ctrl) and press ‘p’ and the report will print.


  • On the PearlPad, when you select a practitioner from the drop down list, it will remember which practitioner has been selected after each signing as well as the rest of the day unless changed by the user. This stops you from having to reselect the list of patients for a specific practitioner over and over again, extra useful for those signing in the surgery!


  • There is now an FP17 button on the clinical notes screen, for quick access when you’re finishing up your clinical notes.

February 2020 Feature Improvements

  • Foundation Dentists are not excluded from the UDA burn up chart – there is a tick box now so that you can exclude your Foundation Dentists from your UDA chart.


  • You can now order the daylist Alphabetically instead of just by time, so if you need to get any paper records out from storage in the morning, this should make the job much easier.


  • We often assist with making reports in the program. One of the fields often filtered by is ‘Age’. We realised, particularly for FP17 claims that you might want to filter by ‘Age at Acceptance of FP17 Claim’  as you may have sent a claim for the patient when they were 17 and they’ve recently turned 18 so some of your filtering numbers might be off. This is now possible from the NHS Claims Filter window.


  • There is now a totals for the amount debited (usually bills) and credited (usually payments) for individual patients in the accounts tab.

That’s everything this month, to check out last months update click here! Please give us a call on 0116 275 9995 if you have any feature suggestions, improvements or simply want to learn more about new or existing features in Pearl.

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