Dental Technology Survey Results

Dental Technology Survey Results

Technologies YOU think have made a difference

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to complete our survey about dental technologies. It was a bit of fun and our data sample size isn’t enough that you can call the results ‘statistically reliable’ but here’s what you told us.

Which technology has had the biggest impact on Dentistry? (Choose 3)

Graph - Survey Results - Question 1

We weren’t surprised to find that X-Rays and Imaging Technologies are the single technology to have had the biggest impact on dentistry, nor that they were closely followed by Drills & Handpieces. But we were pleasantly surprised that so many felt computers and practice management software had also made a significant impact – thank you.

Which Technology most benefits The Patient? (Choose 3)

Graph - Survey Results Q2

Again, we weren’t surprised that anaesthetics was the leading answer. Their development has made dental treatments far more comfortable for patients and probably encouraged better oral health as a result.

Autoclaves & Decon Devices was a bit more of a surprise. But when we thought about it, they too are of huge benefit to patients, making surgery safer and infections far less frequent (the awesome photo we found of an old Autoclave might have also helped).

What technology makes your life easier? (choose 1)

Graph - Survey Results Q3

43% of respondents think that Computers & Practice Management Software is the single technology that most makes your lives easier, so we’re very pleased that Pearl Dental Software is making a difference.

Which technology will bring about the biggest changes in future dentistry? (choose 1)

Graph - Survey Results - Question 4

You overwhelmingly believe that CAD/CAM & CEREC technologies – supported by the related technologies of Imaging and Computing – are going to make the biggest changes in the future.  One of the next sets of developments for Pearl will be seeking better integration opportunities with CAD/CAM and Imaging Technologies, so we’re again very pleased that you think we’re on the right tracks.

So who took our survey?

Graph - Survey Results - Question 5

Thanks to everyone who took part. For the moment, this is just a bit of fun. But it’s also been interesting and has helped us develop a survey for later in the year (which we may or may not run) that we can send to a far wider sample for better quality (statistically speaking) results. We’ve left the survey open – if you would like to add your opinions, click here.

For more information about Pearl Dental Software click here, please go to our contact page.

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Chris Webb