PearlPad – would you recommend it to Friends & Family?

PearlPad – would you recommend it to Friends & Family?

Friends & Family Test added to PearlPad features

We launched PearlPad for Pearl Dental Software about a year ago ( We’re delighted that so many practices have implemented it, and also with the feedback, we’ve received for our ‘Tablet Mode’ features.

Essentially, PearlPad offers practices the opportunity to modernise the way patients provide information and consent. Using PearlPad, practices reduce paperwork management overheads and ensure that patient information, medical history, and consents are accurately and automatically associated with the patient’s record. This helps improve both the perception of the practice and creates a more efficient patient journey. Essentially, it makes life easier for both patient and staff.

Continuous improvement

We’ve used the feedback we received from early adopters to further develop PearlPad. We’re continually improving the usability and functionality of the solution. PearlPad currently helps you to manage;

  • Patient Details
  • Medical History
  • Private Treatment Plans
  • FP17DC
  • PR Forms
  • Friends & Family Survey
  • Custom/Practice-specific Consent Forms

Friends & Family Test

Before the tablet is handed to a patient, a staff member selects the appropriate forms or functions to be presented to the patient. This means that the patient only has to see ‘paperwork’ appropriate to that stage of their treatment.

This means that when the treatment plan is finished, staff can select the ‘FFT Survey’ option, which offers the ‘Friends & Family Test’ (F&FT) form to the patient.

Photo - F&FT on PearlPad

The system ensures patient anonymity for the F&FT. It also aggregates the scores in the right format for reporting to the NHS and captures the patient comments associated with their score. These can be used later to help plan improvements to the patient journey.

Because of the way the F&FT option is selected, a practice also has the option of setting up a dedicated tablet on the reception desk to capture survey responses.

Improved usability

One of the new usability features of PearlPad is the way you select patients who need to check documents. PearlPad can be set-up to limit the patient search to those patients who should be in the practice, according to the diary function. It can also indicate those who have checked-in. It will allow only the correct documents to be selected for a patient, so they are not presented with the same form unnecessarily, or at an inappropriate stage of their treatment.

Another recent addition is the ‘Consent Form’ option. This allows you to specify additional practice consent forms for complex and high-risk private procedures, such as facial aesthetics, teeth whitening, and implants. Selecting this option will bring up a custom form and associate that automatically with the appropriate treatment within a patient’s record.

The future

Our plan is to continuously develop PearlPad, and we will continue to add options and improve the automation features in future releases. Our current focus for PearlPad is to improve the way background data is captured directly from the patient. However, as we find new use cases we will evaluate them to see if we should extend PearlPad into other areas of practice management and the patient journey.

PearlPad is a no-cost software option (you only need to purchase suitable ‘tablet’ hardware). If you already run Pearl Dental Software you can add PearlPad by simply calling the Support Team who will switch-on the appropriate options and talk you through the simple set-up routines.

For more information about PearlPad, please contact us the usual way: telephone 0116 275 9995 or email

Charlotte Taylor