An Update on SNOMED – Pearl Dental Software

An Update on SNOMED – Pearl Dental Software

An update on SNOMED in Pearl

SNOMED CT is, to simplify things, a system for coding medical conditions and treatments. The name SNOMED is derived from Systemised Nomenclature of Medicine, and the CT extension from Clinical Terminology. The project began in 1965 to standardise terminology for pathology and has developed and expanded through the years.

For some while, UK dentists have had their own standard terminology and reporting methods for patient notes, and for claiming UDAs and reporting treatments to the NHS through the FP17 form. However, to produce a unified system across all medical specialisms, the NHS and Public Health England want to replace this coding system with SNOMED.

For the complete list of SNOMED Clinical Item codes: Click Here

For more information about SNOMED CT within Pearl please watch the video below or view the help articles here

Ben Baker